No matter what your company does, we believe you’re in the people business. And the people you hire are key to unlocking your company's unlimited potential.

We focus on the whole person—not just their competencies, but also their personality, how they communicate and the way they work with people.

Our Proven Process

  1. Initial consultation. We listen to your needs and get to know your culture. 

  2. Research and targeting. We identify where potential candidates are currently employed.

  3. Sourcing. We reach out to our extensive network - the best source for high quality candidates.

  4. Candidate evaluation. We conduct thorough phone and in-person behavioral based interviews and identify candidates with the best background and cultural fit for your role.

  5. Candidate presentation. We present the facts regarding candidates to help you make the best decision when moving them forward to the interview stage.

  6. Reference checking.  We conduct thorough verbal references with individuals who can give insight on the candidates' capabilities, interpersonal skills and integrity.

  7. Hire and follow-up. We help develop a compensation package that ensures you seal the deal and stay in touch with the candidate after they are on-board.