Hiring is a personal business.

Hiring can have a powerful impact on your life—especially when you’re searching for upper management.

Because you’re not just looking to fill a box on the organization chart. You’re looking for someone who will play a critical role in your company. And in the lives of the people who work for it.

That’s why we take a more personal approach to recruiting. By emphasizing individualized service and relationships between clients and candidates, we’re able to offer our expertise with confidence. Confidence translates into better hires. And better hires translate into better results for your company.

Over the years, we’ve developed three rules about the executive recruiting business:

  1. One good candidate is worth a million questionable ones. Most search firms take the “mud against the wall” approach to recruiting. Throw enough, and some will eventually stick. But we're not trying to fill a position. We're trying to fill your position. So we learn what makes your company special—and then match those special attributes to someone with the same characteristics.
  2. Time is of the essence. There's no convenient time to lose a key person, especially from upper management. And the longer that position stays open, the tougher it is on your bottom line. When you call with an assignment, we get on it. Immediately. A five-minute head start can make the difference between success and the “big one that got away.”
  3. Good ideas can come from anywhere. It's easy to get tunnel vision when looking for an upper-level candidate. Which means you're probably not looking in all the places you could be. Or should be. With 20 years experience, we've found some candidates in some pretty unusual places. Places that our clients never thought to look, but are glad we did.

These rules drive who we are and what we do.